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Quentin & Sarah Brock
Personal Trainers
We are a fitness driven couple looking to help others build stronger bodies and healthier souls through clean diet and hard work.

Sarah Brock
Personal Trainer
Crossfit L-1

Quentin Brock,
Personal Trainer
Crossfit L-1

Sarah Brock is a former Figure competitor in the state of Washington. Her fitness journey has included multiple half and full marathons, triathlon, scuba diving and long distance biking.She has recently moved to Leucadia from Seattle where she ran her own personal training company for 7 years. 

Throughout her career in the fitness industry she has gained a wide array of experience from helping people prepare for bodybuilding shows to assisting people in post-opperation recovery. She has also worked with competitive athletes and mothers-to-be. 

She aims to take people one step further along their fitness paths by assisting with meal planning and balanced strength training and conditioning.
Quenitn Brock is a former collegiate athlete who has taken a lifetime of practical experience and passion for hard work and turned it into a career as a personal trainer. He was a competitor in Mt. Rainier's Strongest Man along side sprint triathlons and mountain biking.

He takes a no-nonsense approach to training his clients and aims to increase their work capacity by teaching them proper mechanics and guiding them as they learn how to push their own limits. He believes that a strong, fit body must be coupled with a strong, fit mind and aims to impart this upon all those willing to give exercise their best effort.

As a team Quentin and Sarah bring a well rounded, all encompassing approach to fitness. They combine their knowledge of structured diet and focused training to help others achieve the desired goals.

Our Services

Sports Specific Training
Group Training
Personal Training
+  Sports specific training for your child
+  60 minute sessions sessions
+ Athletic conditioning
+ Speed development
+ Agility Development
+ Strength Development
+  Semi- private sessions
+ 60 minute sessions
+ Customized program to the group
+  1-on 1 personal training
+  Custom designed program built around you and       your specific needs
+  Increase strength, endurance,
+  Improve physique and weight loss
+ 60 minute sessions

Kids Bootcamp

One More Wave 


+ Local Surf camp from Leucadia
+  Works with kids from all ages
+ 50 minute sessions
+ Gynamistics skills
+Speed development
+ Agility Development
+  Strength Development
+ Customized group program
+ Customized nutrition meal plan to meet your      specific needs
+ Weight loss
+ Cardio recommendations